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Ex-guard charged in 'brazen' $1.7M armored car heist at NJ casino 1,600 cops, three suspects and $2.8B in jewels: Notorious museum heist has wild conclusion Ex-JFK workers allegedly took off with Pro-footballer arrested over casino robberies. Pro-footballer arrested over casino robberies - The Local. Another footballer in trouble. However this time it is not a case of cherchez la femme but robberies. at April 19, 2011. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. No comments: Post a comment Mar 19, 2012 - Casino Crime - Discover 10 casino crimes that are worthy of becoming Hollywood movies in their own right. More information 10 Awesome Casino Robberies... Casino robberies are most definitely less glamorous than what Hollywood portrays in movies like Ocean’s 11 and other famous blockbuster films. The culprits usually aren’t very sexy, the use of explosives is pretty slim and the lack of fancy technical gadgets is well, almost disappointing! However, the biggest casino heists in history are all characterized by a crazy culprit who either Top 10 Real Life Casino Heists. We've all seen movies portraying slick robberies, intricate scams and audacious cons on casinos. And more often than not the heroes of the silver screen get away with it. Or at the very least avoid jail and get the girl (or guy). But with millions of dollars being won and lost every day at casinos, it's perhaps no surprise that they've attracted their fair share One day in 1992, casino cashier Bill Brennan was working normally like he was supposed to, then in the next moment had calmly put $500,000 in cash and chips into his backpack and walked right out When police checked the casino’s surveillance tapes from the morning Jean supposedly disappeared, Al could be seen walking through the building at various points, but Jean was nowhere in the footage. In fact, there was no video evidence that Jean ever set foot in that casino. Police began to question where the couple actually was during their supposed three-day trip to Laughlin. The night

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